Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Girl with the Horse in her Yard

She laughs and the sun shines more brightly. She is like the wind; wild and unpredictable. She goes where she wants when she wants and is never too busy for adventure. 
When I first met her, she shocked me with her adventurous life, and I was hesitant when she invited me to be a part. On our first outing together, she jokingly forced me around Walmart to carry her items as her little servant. We still laugh about that day and joke about her uncharacteristic harshness. Her room has always been a little safe haven for me. It's held many tears cried in her presence as well as bunches of laughter. There was the time we decided to paint her ceiling in 105 degree heat. The paint barely stuck to the wood and we were covered in droplets of white paint. 
Another time we worked for two hours pulling apart a lamp she had to hang wires and bulbs above her bed to be all romantic. I also napped one day while she painted her walls. 

There's always something new happening with her. The variety she brings to my life is unmatched. I can always count on her to have an adventure in her pocket. She collects them like she collects the little metallic things she finds on the ground.  

She makes others feel genuinely cared for. It's rare to find someone so outward focused. She always inquires how you're doing first before sharing her own burdens. She carries a lot on her shoulders and never falters.
She is the reason I seek adventure in every day. She is the reason I work hard to choose happiness. When asked who will be by my side forever, I quickly respond with her name. She is a forever friend, one I will cherish always.